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Journal of Biomedical Optics


Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Thayer School of Engineering


We have investigated Čerenkov radiation generated in phosphor-based optical fiber dosimeters irradiated with clinical electron beams. We fabricated two high-spatial resolution fiber-optic probes, with 200 and 400  μm core diameters, composed of terbium-based phosphor tips. A generalizable spectroscopic method was used to separate Čerenkov radiation from the transmitted signal by the fiber based on the assumption that the recorded signal is a linear superposition of two basis spectra: characteristic luminescence of the phosphor medium and Čerenkov radiation. We performed Monte Carlo simulations of the Čerenkov radiation generated in the fiber and found a strong dependence of the recorded Čerenkov radiation on the numerical aperture of the fiber at shallow phantom depths; however, beyond the depth of maximum dose that dependency is minimal. The simulation results agree with the experimental results for Čerenkov radiation generated in fibers. The spectroscopic technique used in this work can be used for development of high-spatial resolution fiber micro dosimeters and for optical characterization of various scintillating materials, such as phosphor nanoparticles, in ionizing radiation fields of high energy.