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Journal of Biomedical Optics


Thayer School of Engineering

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Geisel School of Medicine


A new imaging approach, structured light scatteroscopy (SLS), is demonstrated, which offers rapid wide-field imaging of microscopic morphological variations in bulk tissue surfaces. Elastic scattering of light offers exquisite sensitivity to ultrastructural changes at multiple size scales ranging from nanometers to millimeters, but in bulk tissues the confounding effects of molecular absorption and strong multiple scattering of light often lead to a dramatic reduction in scatter contrast and specificity. It is demonstrated that the SLS using structured high spatial frequency illumination and detection to probe the tissue achieves direct, absorption-independent, high-resolution maps of the scattering response. The scattering response is observed to be dependent on both the wavelength and spatial frequency of choice, indicating a potential for multiscale probing of ultrastructural changes in superficial tissue layers. This methodology can be easily applied in most wide-field imaging systems.