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Journal of Biomedical Optics


Thayer School of Engineering


We demonstrate that morphological features pertinent to a tissue's pathology may be ascertained from localized measures of broadband reflectance, with a mesoscopic resolution (100-μm lateral spot size) that permits scanning of an entire margin for residual disease. The technical aspects and optimization of a k-nearest neighbor classifier for automated diagnosis of pathologies are presented, and its efficacy is validated in 29 breast tissue specimens. When discriminating between benign and malignant pathologies, a sensitivity and specificity of 91 and 77% was achieved. Furthermore, detailed subtissue-type analysis was performed to consider how diverse pathologies influence scattering response and overall classification efficacy. The increased sensitivity of this technique may render it useful to guide the surgeon or pathologist where to sample pathology for microscopic assessment.



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Laughney AM, Krishnaswamy V, Garcia-Allende PB, Conde OM, Wells WA, Paulsen KD, Pogue BW. Automated classification of breast pathology using local measures of broadband reflectance. J Biomed Opt. 2010 Nov-Dec;15(6):066019. doi: 10.1117/1.3516594. PMID: 21198193; PMCID: PMC3032233.