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Nucleic Acids Research


Department of Biological Sciences


This paper describes a new set of programs * for analyzing DNA sequences using the Apple Macintosh computer, a computer ideally suited for this kind of analysis. Because of the Macintosh interface and the availability of high quality software-only speech synthesis, these programs are truly easy to use. Instead of typing in commands, the user directs the program by making selections with the mouse, thereby eliminating most typographical and syntax errors. Output options are selected by “pressing buttons” and then clicking “OK” with the mouse. DNA sequences are confirmed by having the program speak them. The high resolution graphics on the Macintosh not only allow for explanatory diagrams to be used to aid in deciding on input parameters, but can be used to produce slides for presentations and figures for papers. Because of the clipboard and the ability of the Macintosh to readily share data among different applications, data can be saved for use directly in word processing documents (e.g. manuscripts).



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Gross RH. A DNA sequence analysis program for the Apple Macintosh. Nucleic Acids Res. 1986;14(1):591-596. doi:10.1093/nar/14.1.591