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Nucleic Acids Research


Geisel School of Medicine


Gene expression profiling has been extensively used in the past decades, resulting in an enormous amount of expression data available in public databases. These data sets are informative in elucidating transcriptional regulation of genes underlying various biological and clinical conditions. However, it is usually difficult to identify transcription factors (TFs) responsible for gene expression changes directly from their own expression, as TF activity is often regulated at the posttranscriptional level. In recent years, technical advances have made it possible to systematically determine the target genes of TFs by ChIP-seq experiments. To identify the regulatory programs underlying gene expression profiles, we constructed a database of phenotype-specific regulatory programs (DPRP, derived from the integrative analysis of TF binding data and gene expression data. DPRP provides three methods: the Fisher’s Exact Test, the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test and the BASE algorithm to facilitate the application of gene expression data for generating new hypotheses on transcriptional regulatory programs in biological and clinical studies.