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Molecular Biology of the Cell


Geisel School of Medicine


Erv14p is a conserved integral membrane protein that traffics in COPII-coated vesicles and localizes to the early secretory pathway in yeast. Deletion of ERV14 causes a defect in polarized growth because Axl2p, a transmembrane secretory protein, accumulates in the endoplasmic reticulum and is not delivered to its site of function on the cell surface. Herein, we show that Erv14p is required for selection of Axl2p into COPII vesicles and for efficient formation of these vesicles. Erv14p binds to subunits of the COPII coat and binding depends on conserved residues in a cytoplasmically exposed loop domain of Erv14p. When mutations are introduced into this loop, an Erv14p-Axl2p complex accumulates in the endoplasmic reticulum, suggesting that Erv14p links Axl2p to the COPII coat. Based on these results and further genetic experiments, we propose Erv14p coordinates COPII vesicle formation with incorporation of specific secretory cargo.



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Powers J, Barlowe C. Erv14p directs a transmembrane secretory protein into COPII-coated transport vesicles. Mol Biol Cell. 2002;13(3):880-891. doi:10.1091/mbc.01-10-0499