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Afterlives of Indigenous Archives: Essays in Honor of the Occom Circle


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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program


Afterlives of Indigenous Archives offers a compelling critique of Western archives and their use in the development of “digital humanities.” The essays collected here present the work of an international and interdisciplinary group of indigenous scholars; researchers in the field of indigenous studies and early American studies; and librarians, curators, activists, and storytellers. The contributors examine various digital projects and outline their relevance to the lives and interests of tribal people and communities, along with the transformative power that access to online materials affords. The authors aim to empower native people to re-envision the Western archive as a site of community-based practices for cultural preservation, one that can offer indigenous perspectives and new technological applications for the imaginative reconstruction of the tribal past, the repatriation of the tribal memories, and a powerful vision for an indigenous future. This important and timely collection will appeal to archivists and indigenous studies scholars alike.


Contents Include:

  • Foreward: "The Afterlives of the Archive" - Melanie Benson Taylor

  • Introduction: "The Afterlives of Indigenous Archives" - Ivy Schweitzer

    Part 1 - Critiques

  • Chapter 1: "The Role of Indigenous Communities in Building Digital Archives" - Timothy B. Powell

  • Chapter 2: "From Time Immemorial: Centering Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Ways of Knowing in the Archival Paradigm" - Jennifer R. O’Neal

  • Chapter 3: "Decolonizing the Imperialist Archive: Translating Cherokee Manuscripts" - Ellen Cushman

  • Chapter 4: "Caretaking Around Collecting and the Digital Turn: Lessons in Ongoing Opportunities and Challenges from the Native Northeast" - Christine DeLucia

    Part 2 - Methods

  • Chapter 5: "New Methods, New Schools, New Stories: Digital Archives and Dartmouth’s Institutional Legacy" - Thomas Peace

  • Chapter 6: "Entangled Archives: Cherokee Interventions in Language Collecting" - Kelly Wisecup

  • Chapter 7: "Recovering Indigenous Kinship: Community, Conversion, and the Digital Turn" - Marie Balsley Taylor

  • Chapter 8: "Reading Tipâcimôwin and the Receding Archive" - Susan Paterson Glover

  • Chapter 9: "Re-incurating Tribal Skins: Re-imagining the Native Archive, Re-stor( y)ing the Tribal Imagi(Native)" - Gordon Henry

    Part 3 - Interventions

  • Chapter 10: "The Occom Circle at Dartmouth College Library" - Laura R. Braunstein, Peter Carini, and Hazel-Dawn Dumpert

  • Chapter 11: "The Audio of Text: Art of Tradition" - Alan Ojiig Corbiere

  • Chapter 12: "Writing the Digital Codex: Non/Alphabetic, De/Colonial, Network/ed" - Damián Baca

  • Chapter 13: "An Orderly Assemblage of Biases: Troubling the Monocultural Stack" - Jason Edward Lewis

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