Willingness to pay for a telemedicine-delivered healthy lifestyle programme

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Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare


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Geisel School of Medicine


Introduction: Effective weight-management interventions require frequent interactions with specialised multidiscipli- nary teams of medical, nutritional and behavioural experts to enact behavioural change. However, barriers that exist in rural areas, such as transportation and a lack of specialised services, can prevent patients from receiving quality care.

Methods: We recruited patients from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Weight & Wellness Center into a single-arm, non- randomised study of a remotely delivered 16-week evidence-based healthy lifestyle programme. Every 4 weeks, partic- ipants completed surveys that included their willingness to pay for services like those experienced in the intervention. A two-item Willingness-to-Pay survey was administered to participants asking about their willingness to trade their face- to-face visits for videoconference visits based on commute and copay.

Results: Overall, those with a travel duration of 31–45 min had a greater willingness to trade in-person visits for telehealth than any other group. Participants who had a travel duration less than 15 min, 16–30 min and 46–60 min experienced a positive trend in willingness to have telehealth visits until Week 8, where there was a general negative trend in willingness to trade in-person visits for virtual. Participants believed that telemedicine was useful and helpful.

Conclusions: In rural areas where patients travel 30–45 min a telemedicine-delivered, intensive weight-loss interven- tion may be a well-received and cost-effective way for both patients and the clinical care team to connect.



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Vanessa K. Rauch, Meredith Roderka, Auden C. McClure, Aaron B. Weintraub, Kevin Curtis, David F. Kotz, Richard I. Rothstein, and John A. Batsis. Willingness to pay for a telemedicine-delivered healthy lifestyle programme. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. Sage, June 2020. doi:10.1177/1357633X20943337. PMID: 32781892.