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Geisel School of Medicine


As part of the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology we published a Registered Report (Fiering et al., 2015) that described how we intended to replicate selected experiments from the paper ‘Biomechanical remodeling of the microenvironment by stromal caveolin-1 favors tumor invasion and metastasis’ (Goetz et al., 2011). Here we report the results. Primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts (pMEFs) expressing caveolin 1 (Cav1WT) demonstrated increased extracellular matrix remodeling in vitro compared to Cav1 deficient (Cav1KO) pMEFs, similar to the original study (Goetz et al., 2011). In vivo, we found higher levels of intratumoral stroma remodeling, determined by fibronectin fiber orientation, in tumors from cancer cells co-injected with Cav1WT pMEFs compared to cancer cells only or cancer cells plus Cav1KO pMEFs, which were in the same direction as the original study (Supplemental Figure S7C; Goetz et al., 2011), but not statistically significant. Primary tumor growth was similar between conditions, like the original study (Supplemental Figure S7Ca; Goetz et al., 2011). We found metastatic burden was similar between Cav1WT and Cav1KO pMEFs, while the original study found increased metastases with Cav1WT (Figure 7C; Goetz et al., 2011); however, the duration of our in vivo experiments (45 days) were much shorter than in the study by Goetz et al. (2011) (75 days). This makes it difficult to interpret the difference between the studies as it is possible that the cells required more time to manifest the difference between treatments observed by Goetz et al. We also found a statistically significant negative correlation of intratumoral remodeling with metastatic burden, while the original study found a statistically significant positive correlation (Figure 7Cd; Goetz et al., 2011), but again there were differences between the studies in terms of the duration of the metastasis studies and the imaging approaches that could have impacted the outcomes. Finally, we report meta-analyses for each result.



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Sheen MR, Fields JL, Northan B, Lacoste J, Ang LH, Fiering S; Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology. Replication Study: Biomechanical remodeling of the microenvironment by stromal caveolin-1 favors tumor invasion and metastasis. Elife. 2019 Dec 17;8:e45120. doi: 10.7554/eLife.45120. PMID: 31845647; PMCID: PMC6917490.