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Thayer School of Engineering


Photodynamic priming (PDP), a collateral effect of photodynamic therapy, can transiently alter the tumor microenvironment (TME) beyond the cytotoxic zone. Studies have demonstrated that PDP increases tumor permeability and modulates immune-stimulatory effects by inducing immunogenic cell death, via the release of damage-associated molecular patterns and tumor-associated antigens. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the deadliest of cancers with a stubborn immunosuppressive TME and a dense stroma, representing a challenge for current molecular targeted therapies often involving macromolecules. We, therefore, tested the hypothesis that PDP's TME modulation will enable targeted therapy and result in immune stimulation. Using triple-receptor-targeted photoimmuno-nanoconjugate (TR-PINs)-mediated PDP, targeting epidermal growth factor receptor, transferrin receptor, and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 we show light dose-dependent TR-PINs mediated cytotoxicity in human PDAC cells (MIA PaCa-2), co-cultured with human pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts (PCAFs) in spheroids. Furthermore, TR-PINs induced the expression of heat shock proteins (Hsp60, Hsp70), Calreticulin, and high mobility group box 1 in a light dose and time-dependent manner. TR-PINs-mediated T cell activation was observed in co-cultures of immune cells with the MIA PaCa-2-PCAF spheroids. Both CD4+ T and CD8+ T cells showed light dose and time-dependant antitumor reactivity by upregulating degranulation marker CD107a and interferon-gamma post-PDP. Substantial tumor cell death in immune cell-spheroid co-cultures by day 3 shows the augmentation by antitumor T cell activation and their ability to recognize tumors for a light dose-dependent kill. These data confirm enhanced destruction of heterogeneous pancreatic spheroids mediated by PDP-induced phototoxicity, TME modulation and increased immunogenicity with targeted nanoconstructs.



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De Silva, Pushpamali, Bano, Shazia, Pogue, Brian W., Wang, Kenneth K., Maytin, Edward V. and Hasan, Tayyaba. "Photodynamic priming with triple-receptor targeted nanoconjugates that trigger T cell-mediated immune responses in a 3D in vitro heterocellular model of pancreatic cancer" Nanophotonics, vol. 10, no. 12, 2021, pp. 3199-3214.