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Winter 12-2022

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Chesapeake Governance Study: Report of 2021 Decision Maker Interview Results


Environmental Studies Program


This report describes the aggregate results from a series of interviews conducted with decision makers involved in governance of the Chesapeake Watershed. Interviews began in June and ended in December of 2021. Information collected will be combined with other data to create and then test a computer model to predict likely policy changes under a range of future scenarios. It is part of a larger project funded by the National Science Foundation called Modeling the Dynamics of Human and Estuarine Systems with Regulatory Feedbacks (Award #2009248). Using the Chesapeake Bay as an example, this project will combine the policy model that we are designing with biophysical models to predict how social, economic and policy changes impact water quality, and how changes in water quality influence human behavior and decision-making.


DOI 10.1349/ZYLH8682