Regulation and Localization of Endogenous Human Tristetraprolin

Anna-Marie Fairhurst
John E. Connolly
Katharine A Hintz
Nicolas J Goulding

Anna-Marie Fairhurst;John E Connolly;Katharine A Hintz;Nicolas J Goulding;Athos J Rassias;Mark P Yeager;William Rigby;Paul K Wallace


Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) has been implicated in the development and pathogenicity of infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders, such as septic shock and arthritis. The zinc-finger protein tristetraprolin (TTP) has been identified as a major regulator of TNF biosynthesis. To define its intracellular location and examine its regulation of TNF, a quantitive intracellular staining assay specific for TTP was developed. We establish for the first time that in peripheral blood leukocytes, express