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Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series


Department of Physics and Astronomy


Radial velocities and central velocity dispersions are derived for 238 E/S0 galaxies from medium-resolution spectroscopy. New spectroscopic data have been obtained as part of a study of the Fundamental Plane distances and peculiar motions of early-type galaxies in three selected directions of the South Equatorial Strip, undertaken in order to investigate the reality of large-scale streaming motion; results of this study have been reported in M\"uller $et$ $al.$ (1998). The new APM South Equatorial Strip Catalog (−17.5 < δ < +2.5) was used to select the sample of field galaxies in three directions: (1) 15h10 – 16h10; (2) 20h30 – 21h50; (3) 00h10 – 01h30. The spectra obtained have a median S/N per ̊A of 23, an in- strumental resolution (FWHM) of ∼ 4 ̊A, and the spectro- graph resolution (dispersion) is ∼ 100 km s−1. The Fourier cross-correlation method was used to derive the radial ve- locities and velocity dispersions. The velocity dispersions have been corrected for the size of the aperture and for the galaxy effective radius. Comparisons of the derived radial velocities with data from the literature show that our values are accurate to 40 km s−1. A comparison with results from Jørgensen et al. (1995) shows that the derived central velocity dispersion have an rms scatter of 0.036 in log σ. There is no offset relative to the velocity dispersions of Davies et al. (1987).