Option Grids to Facilitate Shared Decision Making for Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Protocol for a Single Site, Efficacy Trial

Katy Marrin, Cardiff University
Fiona Wood, Cardiff University
Jill Firth, Pennine MSK Partnership Ltd
Katharine Kinsey, Pennine MSK Partnership Ltd


Despite policy interest, an ethical imperative, and evidence of the benefits of patient decision support tools, the adoption of shared decision making (SDM) in day-to-day clinical practice remains slow and is inhibited by barriers that include culture and attitudes; resources and time pressures. Patient decision support tools often require high levels of health and computer literacy. Option Grids are one-page evidence-based summaries of the available condition-specific treatment options, listing patients’ frequently asked questions. They are designed to be sufficiently brief and accessible enough to support a better dialogue between patients and clinicians during routine consultations. This paper describes a study to assess whether an Option Grid for osteoarthritis of the knee (OA of the knee) facilitates SDM, and explores the use of Option Grids by patients disadvantaged by language or poor health literacy.