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BioMed Central Health Services Research


Geisel School of Medicine


We compared the validity of hospital admission and length of stay reports from patients, outpatient providers, and hospitals, and we examined possible sources of error. Data were collected from people enrolled in a randomized trial of treatment for severe mental illness and substance use disorders, from community mental health centers (CMHCs), and from hospitals. Reports for each of the 74 study participants covered two-year time periods beginning and ending at various times between 1989 and 1993. We compared reports from the various sources and constructed a hybrid with data from all three sources. Using parametric and non-parametric statistics, we compared patient, CMHC, and hospital reports with each other and with the hybrid source. In subsequent regression analyses we explored correlates of reporting accuracy.

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Clark RE, Ricketts SK, McHugo GJ. Measuring hospital use without claims: a comparison of patient and provider reports. Health Serv Res. 1996;31(2):153-169.