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Europhysics Letters (EPL)


Department of Physics and Astronomy


We demonstrate that generalized entanglement (Barnum et al., Phys. Rev. A, 68 (2003) 032308) provides a natural and reliable indicator of quantum chaotic behavior. Since generalized entanglement depends directly on a choice of preferred observables, exploring how generalized entanglement increases under dynamical evolution is possible without invoking an auxiliary coupled system or decomposing the system into arbitrary subsystems. We find that, in the chaotic regime, the long-time saturation value of generalized entanglement agrees with random matrix theory predictions. For our system, we provide physical intuition into generalized entanglement within a single system by invoking the notion of extent of a state. The latter, in turn, is related to other signatures of quantum chaos.



Original Citation

Y. S. Weinstein and L. Viola 2006 EPL 76 746