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Infection and Immunity


Geisel School of Medicine


We have observed previously that attachment of Toxoplasma gondii to synchronized host cells is considerably increased at the mid-S phase (4 h postrelease). Synchronized CHO host cells at the mid-S phase were fractionated by molecular weight, and the antigens were used to produce a panel of polyclonal mouse antisera. The polyclonal antisera raised against fraction 4 with molecular mass ranging approximately from 18 to 40 kDa significantly reduced attachment to mid-S-phase host cells. Immunofluorescence assays demonstrated strong reactivity to mid-S-phase host cells and identified a number of potential receptors on Western blots. These data indicate that there is a specific host membrane receptor for parasite attachment that is upregulated during the mid-S phase of the host cell cycle.



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Dutta C, Grimwood J, Kasper LH. Attachment of Toxoplasma gondii to a specific membrane fraction of CHO cells. Infect Immun. 2000 Dec;68(12):7198-201. doi: 10.1128/iai.68.12.7198-7201.2000. PMID: 11083856; PMCID: PMC97841.