This collection contains works by Dartmouth faculty that are not peer-reviewed articles.


Submissions from 2020


Apparatus for Securely Configuring A Target Device and Associated Methods, Timothy J. Pierson, Xiaohui Liang, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz

Submissions from 2019


Networkmetrics unraveled: MBDA in Action, José Camacho, Rasmus Bro, and David Kotz

Submissions from 2009


Data for Cybersecurity Research: Process and ‘Wish List’, Jean Camp, Lorrie Cranor, Nick Feamster, Joan Feigenbaum, Stephanie Forrest, David Kotz, Wenke Lee, Patrick Lincoln, Vern Paxson, Mike Reiter, Ron Rivest, William Sanders, Stefan Savage, Sean Smith, Eugene Spafford, and Sal Stolfo

Submissions from 2004


A Holesome File System, Darren Erik Vengroff and David Kotz