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Spring 4-18-2022


Comparative Literature Program


The Middle English prose Brut chronicle survives in nearly two hundred manuscripts. This corpus has been the subject of extensive study for more than a hundred years. The most recent research, however, has turned out to be the most fragile. In 2017, the multiyear digital humanities project “Imaging History: Perspectives on Late Medieval Vernacular Historiography” disappeared from the live Internet, only a decade after its publication. Shortly afterwards, we began a project called "Re-Imagining History"--to create a new dataset of information about the Brut manuscript corpus and learn how digital infrastructure might shape the production and preservation of historical data. "Re-Imagining History" is part of "Remix the Manuscript: A Chronicle of Digital Experiments.” The file attached here contains the dataset as completed on April 18, 2022 along with credits for the many contributors over the past five years.


Dataset for the Middle English Prose Brut manuscript corpus.