Pathways to Impact Lesson

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Spring 6-14-2022


Thayer School of Engineering


Purpose and audience. The Pathways to Impact lesson is designed for participants who want to have greater impact on a societal issue than they currently do but who aren’t sure how. The lesson helps participants discover directions (“pathways”) they might wish to pursue and identify small next steps to take in two or three of those directions.

Although this lesson was first created in a course for young alumni, the materials are applicable to many audiences. We encourage you to adapt and use the following lesson plan as you see fit; and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support.

Structure at a glance. In the first part of this activity, participants will identify a pressing societal issue that they wish to address. They will next be introduced to seven broad ways to have impact (the “pathways”) and asked to brainstorm several ways to have impact within each of the pathways.

In the second part of this activity, participants will select two or three ideas to which they feel most drawn. Next, in small groups, they will help each other identify the “smallest next step” that they might take towards each. Lastly, they will commit to taking two or three of these actions within the next week.


Pathways to Impact Lesson © 2022 by Chukwuka Odigbo & Rafe Steinhauer is licensed under CC BY 4.0. It was created at Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering in Prof. Rafe’s Steinhauer’s Studio for Emergent Education Design. It was funded by the Design Initiative at Dartmouth and further made possible by the First Year Research in Engineering Experience (FYREE) program. All questions can be directed to: rafe.h.steinhauer@dartmouth.edu