How to Address a Teammate's Detrimental Pattern of Behavior - A Tree Diagram

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Fall 12-6-2023


Thayer School of Engineering


Anyone who has taught courses with project teams has experienced team conflicts that are challenging to resolve. This Tree Diagram represents one Professor's generalized approach to helping teams foreground and resolve issues that arise, especially those that are raised by one or more students who are unhappy with one other teammate's detrimental pattern of behavior. The materials here include a 17"x11" (Tabloid) tree diagram and illustrated example, along with an explainer video. Our hope is that these can help instructors hone their own heuristics and strategies, rather than use these in prescriptive, one-size-fits-all ways. Please reach out to Prof. Steinhauer with questions or comments. If you use this worksheet in any capacity, we'd appreciate tracking and hearing about your experience: