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Thesis (Master's)

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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Dennis Charles Washburn

Second Advisor

Alexander Chee

Third Advisor

Donald E. Pease


This thesis is a novel set in 2032 China, where people are experiencing huge social declines and identity crises, and additionally, a technology to digitize consciousness is gaining popularity. The protagonist of the novel lose contact with his friend in the digital world, and he receives an anonymous indestructible jar one day with a label that keeps changing to direct him to different locations. In his search for his friends and the secret of the jar, he realizes that the clues are all related to things he is familiar with from the old days. During that adventure, which occurs to him quite suddenly, the disheartened 29-year-old divorced protagonist develops a credo to confront his identity crisis: he must love what he already has, even if his old expectations of the future did not match what was in store for him.

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Fiction Commons