Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis (Master's)

Department or Program

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Kenneth E. Sharpe

Second Advisor

Anna Minardi

Third Advisor

Nicole L.B. Furlonge


Mentorship Coaching: Insights into Mentoring Practice in Independent Schools is a
qualitative study that identifies and analyzes effective mentoring practices in the context of independent schools. This study addresses a current gap in mentoring literature, providing insight into how mentors can create effective opportunities for mentee development by using researched-based models, strategies, and methods based on coaching pedagogy. Incorporating evidence from a qualitative survey across eight institutions, one-to-one interviews, thesis literature, and participant narratives, this study demonstrates coaching pedagogy supports mentors in their ability to form authentic partnerships that prioritize mentee learning.

To provide a complete and illustrative picture of effective mentoring practice, the study looks at the cycle of mentoring relationships giving a descriptive narrative of the experiences of the mentor and mentee. The study also highlights mentor coaching curricula used to instruct mentors. The starting point of the research utilized a qualitative survey and one-to-one interviews, which led to the initial discovery that effective mentors used researched-based models, strategies, and methods based on coaching pedagogy. After this initial discovery, the project focused on highlighting effective mentoring techniques by exploring how mentors use coaching practices to encourage two specific competencies; growth mindset and emotional intelligence. Study participant interviews were used to construct mentoring narratives to illustrate how mentors encourage the enduring practice of a growth mindset and foster emotional resilience in mentees. This study concludes that mentoring relationships and mentee development are most effective when supported by coaching principles.