This collection contains works by faculty from the Dartmouth Department of Music.


Submissions from 2021


Musical components important for the Mozart K448 effect in epilepsy, Robert J. Quon, Michael A. Casey, Edward J. Camp, Stephen Meisenhelter, Sarah A. Steimel, Yinchen Song, Markus E. Testorf, Grace A. Leslie, Krzysztof A. Bujarski, Alan B. Ettinger, and Barbara C. Jobst

Submissions from 2017


Music of the 7Ts: Predicting and Decoding Multivoxel fMRI Responses with Acoustic, Schematic, and Categorical Music Features, Michael A. Casey

Submissions from 2016


A New Method for Ecoacoustics? Toward the Extraction and Evaluation of Ecologically-Meaningful Soundscape Components Using Sparse Coding Methods, Alice Eldridge, Michael Casey, Paola Moscoso, and Mika Peck

Submissions from 2013


Music and Movement Share a Dynamic Structure that Supports Universal Expressions of Emotion, Beau Sievers, Larry Polansky, Michael Casey, and Thalia Wheatley