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Thesis (Undergraduate)

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Department of Computer Science

First Advisor

Charles Palmer


The release of Google glass and the Apple and Samsung smart watches in the past two years pushed wearables to the forefront of technology. The realm of medical wearables will specifically see a huge growth as wearables become more common place. There are documented cases of security and privacy breaches in the five main potential breaching areas: wearable device itself, Bluetooth communication, smartphone or personal computer app, Wi-Fi data exchange, cloud storage. Privacy policies for individual wearables are not always in the best interest of the individual and government regulations on wearables security does not always fully vet wearables. Interviews with industry professionals, both clinical and research, concluded that doctors are not very knowledgeable about wearables and are not very worried about security, the public does not understand security of these devices, and the security concerns should not stop the progress that is being made in this field.


Originally posted in the Dartmouth College Computer Science Technical Report Series, number TR2016-805.