Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis (Undergraduate)


Department of Computer Science

First Advisor

David M. Nicol


Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF) is a discrete-event simulation framework providing a unified programming interface geared towards network simulation. Dartmouth SSF (DaSSF) is a C++ implementation of SSF, designed for simulating very large-scale multi-protocol communication networks. As of the latest release, DaSSF lacks many features present in SSF and this prevents it from achieving mainstream use. To alleviate this shortcoming we designed and implemented DaSSFNet which extends DaSSF to the levels of functionality found in SSF. In this paper, we show that DaSSFNet and SSFNet are identical in operation given the same input. We also show that DaSSFNet is about twice as fast and has one third the memory consumption of SSFNet when simulating identical networks. Therefore, we argue, that the DaSSF simulation package with DaSSFNet now offers a viable alternative to SSF in high-performance network simulation.


Originally posted in the Dartmouth College Computer Science Technical Report Series, number TR2001-405.