Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2021

Document Type

Thesis (Undergraduate)

Department or Program

Department of Computer Science

First Advisor

Bo Zhu


The Shallow Water Equations is a simple method to simulate fluid in real-time. As a real-time model, the SWE is an excellent candidate for use in video games. However, the model is not often used in most fluid simulations because it does not preserve vorticity well, and therefore does not look very realistic. We present an improvement on the Shallow Water Equations by using a gauge method to preserve the vorticity of the fluid. We add a variable called impulse !, which is only weakly coupled with the velocity " of the simulation. We show that using this impulse method, vorticity is preserved for a longer time without significantly increasing the time complexity of the simulation. Thus, our model is a significant improvement on the Shallow Water Equations because it can achieve highly detailed vorticity and can be used in real-time applications to generate realistic fluid interaction.