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WISP Intern

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Viola Stoermer

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Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences


Carole Folt Research Scholarship Award

The goal of this project is to investigate the relationship between fluid intelligence and visual working memory capacity. Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to solve abstract problems and is one of the most important constructs in psychological research. Interestingly, visual working memory– the limited ability to hold visual information in an active state for short periods of time– has been shown to strongly correlate with measures of fluid intelligence. However, the mechanisms underlying this relation are still unclear. My research investigates how broad the relationship between working memory capacity and intelligence measures are, and whether it generalizes to more naturalistic tasks. Specifically, recent research has shown that working memory capacity is increased when remembering real-world objects relative to simple visual features (i.e., colored squares or oriented lines) that have been traditionally used. I propose to test whether the capacity to remember these real-world objects also correlates with measures of fluid intelligence. The findings from this study have important implications for how fluid intelligence measures relate to different working memory tasks, and in particular to how we use working memory in more naturalistic settings: when we are trying to remember real-world objects, and not just simple geometric shapes.

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Visual Working Memory, Fluid Intelligence, Award


2023 Carole Folt Research Scholarship Award

The Relationship Between Visual Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence


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