Published continuously since 1876, Appalachia is America’s longest-running journal of mountaineering and conservation. Each issue delivers inspired writing on mountain exploration, ecology, and conservation; news about international mountaineering expeditions; analysis of northeastern mountaineering accidents; poems by leading poets; and much more. The print journal appears twice a year, on June 15 (Summer/Fall) and December 15 (Winter/Spring).

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Current Issue: Volume 74, Number 1 (2022) Winter/Spring 2023: Encounters with Animals

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Francis Blessington


Kintsugi Trail
Polly Brown


Winter Morning
Marcyn Del Clements


From Mônadenok
David Crews

Photo by Lisa Ballard. A bear cub, surprised when a canoe goes by, gallops through shallow water in the upper Connecticut River near Stratford, New Hampshire.