Date of Award

Summer 7-2023

Document Type

Thesis (Ph.D.)

Department or Program

Engineering Sciences

First Advisor

Eric R. Fossum

Second Advisor

Jifeng Liu

Third Advisor

Kofi M Odame


Ultra-high-speed (UHS) image sensors are of interest for studying fast scientific phenomena and may also be useful in medicine. Several published studies have recently achieved frame rates of up to millions of frames per second (Mfps) using advanced processes and/or customized processes.

This thesis presents a burst-mode (108 frames) UHS low-noise CMOS image sensor (CIS) based on charge-sweep transfer gates in an unmodified, standard 180 nm front-side-illuminated CIS process. By optimizing the photodiode geometry, the 52.8 μm pitch pixels with 20x20 μm^2 of active area, achieve a charge-transfer time of less than 10 ns. A proof-of-concept CIS was designed and fabricated. Through characterization, it is shown that the designed CIS has the potential to achieve 20 Mfps with an input-referred noise of 5.1 e− rms.

Original Citation

Yue X, Fossum ER. Design and Characterization of a Burst Mode 20 Mfps Low Noise CMOS Image Sensor. Sensors. 2023; 23(14):6356.