ENGG 390 Reports (MEM Students)

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Eric S. Bish

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Fall 9-12-2018


Overstock.com is an online e-retailer serving the furniture category with a net revenue of $1.75B with approximately 70% from the Home & Décor business unit. In this unit, Overstock works with various vendors to sell their assortment on Overstock’s website. These accounts are managed by an internal team called buyers. Assortment Attribute Analytics is a project born out of the need that buyer teams lack a way to visualize assortment health. With each buyer handling a variety of SKUs (assortment) having various attributes, the problem of tracking performance of these SKUs becomes extremely complex. Through the use of data analytics and visualization techniques, this project directs them to source better in the future by visualizing performance and gaps in assortment thereby helping Overstock stay competitive with their offerings.

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