ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Jason Stauth


Solomon Diamond

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The objective of this ENGS 89/90 project is to identify and characterize the most critical risks associated with technical feasibility of the sponsor’s proposed electric boat propulsion concept. The report and other deliverables are structured to provide the sponsor, Arion Electric, Inc., with the tools to design, predict, and characterize future prototypes. The team addressed seven technical risks over the course of the project period, covering multiple engineering disciplines including electromagnetism, thermals, structural mechanics, and fluid dynamics. The project team created a motor analysis MATLAB library using the modeling framework developed throughout the course. In addition to delivering this motor analysis tool, the team designed and characterized a 1kW physical prototype of the sponsor’s proposed concept. This prototype was used both to calibrate and validate the motor analysis software as well as to gain insights into the fabrication and testing process to aid the sponsor in the construction of future prototypes. A testing bench was also designed and fabricated for the testing of prototype motors with a 3-phase servo drive that can provide up to 2.5kW of continuous power. For each of the seven risks that were addressed, the team has confidence that a propulsion system could be developed that fulfills the technical requirements and specifications of the sponsor’s proposed concept.

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