ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Ryan Halter


Solomon Diamond

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State-of-the-art endotracheal tubes made of rigid, 10-millimeter outer diameter PVC plastic. Intubation procedures include inserting these tubes through the patient’s nose or mouth and into their trachea to facilitate breathing support. Yet, the product's large size makes this process hazardous and uncomfortable, requiring clinicians to administer general anesthesia, which adds additional complications and creates hemodynamic stress for patients. The Airway Noodle aims to eliminate this need for general anesthesia by achieving a size transformation. It can be delivered at a reduced diameter before expanding to its functioning size. In ENGS 89 and 90, our team was able to begin the process of developing this revolutionary technology by defining its form and function, ideating an innovative solution design, performing in-depth engineering analysis, creating a decision-making dashboard tool, and constructing two-works like prototypes to validate critical behaviors.

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