ENGS 89/90 Reports

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Mark Laser


Solomon Diamond

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Dartmouth Skiway, despite being an essential part of the student experience, represents an environmental and financial burden on the college. Along with the rest of the Ski industry, Skiway faces a significant threat from climate change, including social and economic issues from changing weather patterns. Rising temperatures and less predictable snowfall increase the cost of running the Skiway. This project produces a comprehensive plan for reducing Skiway's energy consumption through an overview of the current operations, an exhaustive showcase of potential improvements and technologies considered, and a detailed decision-making methodology. Three pathways are produced to ensure that the recommendations are both environmentally significant and economically feasible, each with a varying set of priorities: cost, greenhouse gas emissions, and both. Finally, a detailed financial analysis was conducted on the recommended pathway. The suggested improvements will enable the Skiway to reduce its carbon emissions in a feasible and financially sustainable manner, and serve generations of future Dartmouth students.

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