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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics


Adiabatic pulses are used extensively to enable robust control of quantum operations. We introduce an approach to adiabatic control that uses the superadiabatic quality factor as a performance metric to design robust, high-fidelity pulses. This approach permits the systematic design of quantum control schemes to maximize the adiabaticity of a unitary operation in a particular time interval given the available control resources. The interplay between adiabaticity, fidelity, and robustness of the resulting pulses is examined for the case of single-qubit inversion, and superadiabatic pulses are demonstrated to have improved robustness to control errors. A numerical search strategy is developed to find a broader class of adiabatic operations, including multiqubit adiabatic unitaries. We illustrate the utility of this search strategy by designing control waveforms that adiabatically implement a two-qubit entangling gate for a model NMR system.