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Date of Award

Winter 12-1-2023

Document Type

Thesis (Master's)

Department or Program

Computer Science

First Advisor

Lorie Loeb

Second Advisor

Elizabeth L. Murnane

Third Advisor

Temiloluwa O. Prioleau


Imagine an art exhibition that morphs its content according to the audience’s experience like a chameleon, reflecting the audience’s mind and culture and turning the artist’s exhibition into the viewer’s. But when the viewers leave, the work fades back to the creator’s original work and waits for the next audience. In this project, my team introduced an interactive exhibition called "Triple Helix," where audience members were provided the opportunity to alter the artworks created by the artist, thus imbuing them with their own perspectives. This interactive exhibition was held at three physical-locations and online, and a comprehensive user study was conducted, exploring changes in creative confidence, i.e., an individual's willingness to create and to share. This project includes three main contributions. First, my team proposed an innovative exhibition system, allowing audience members to actively modify artworks in real-time using AI technology. Second, the results of the user study demonstrate the multiple individual factors that appear to influence creative confidence, such as an individual’s art knowledge. Third, by analyzing participants’ feedback after the "Triple Helix" exhibition, certain shortcomings in current generative AI systems have been identified, including the weakness of current text-to-image transformation methodology in non-representational pieces and the cons of rapid image generation. These insights can serve as valuable guidelines for improving the human-AI co-creation experience in the future. I hope this work will serve as a step toward a richer and more comprehensive understanding of the application of generated AI into the realm of art.

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