Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis (Undergraduate)

Department or Program

Department of Computer Science

First Advisor

Xia Zhou


Wireless signals are everywhere in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Directing wireless signals to conform to custom physical boundaries is of great importance in improving the performance, security and privacy of a wireless system. Unfortunately current solutions like directional antennas are bulky and expensive for ordinary users. We propose WiPrint, a novel approach to customizing wireless signal maps using 3D printed glossy reflectors. This solution is easily manufactured and adapts easily to different environments. The WiPrint system is highly flexible as it does not require adding additional APs or moving the AP to new locations. This is significant in the field of wireless networking as it provides consumers with an intuitive and novel solution to performance and security problems.


Originally posted in the Dartmouth College Computer Science Technical Report Series, number TR2015-787.