ENGG 390 Reports (MEM Students)

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Eric S. Bish

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Fall 9-11-2018


Hendrickson manufactures truck bumpers for the OEM and after-market sales. Due to variability in demand across hundreds of part numbers and each part going through a series of work stations, the routing of these bumpers across the plant is very complex and results in high lead times and high waiting time in the queues

My 390 project was to optimize the process flow of the plant and determine an optimal schedule of the bumper manufacturing process to minimize their waiting time at various work stations, reduce the WIP in front of each station and achieve an overall reduced lead time for the bumper by using the production simulation software SIMCAD.

During my 11 weeks of internship by using batching and optimized sequencing of the bumpers, I was able to achieve a reduction of 51% in the queue waiting time of the bumpers and 12 % in the total lead time

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