This collection contains works by faculty from the Dartmouth Department of Geography.


Submissions from 2017


Landscape context and the biophysical response of rivers to dam removal in the United States, Melissa M. Foley, Francis J. Magilligan, Christian E. Torgersen, Jon J. Major, and Chauncey W. Anderson


Reconstructing Grassland Fire History Using Sedimentary Charcoal: Considering Count, Size and Shape, Berangere A. Leys, Julie L. Commerford, and Kendra K. McLauchlan

Submissions from 2009


Computing Travel Time When the Exact Address is Unknown: A Comparison of Point and Polygon ZIP Code Approximation Methods, Ethan M. Berke and Xun Shi

Submissions from 2005


Assimilation and Differences Between the Settlement Patterns of Individual Immigrants and Immigrant Households, Mark Ellis and Richard Wright


The Changing Demographic, Legal, and Technological Contexts of Political Representation, Benjamin Forest