Editorial Board

Sabine Hoskinson is a second year MALS student concentrating in Creative Writing. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Sabine worked in content creation and brand management in San Francisco. She has been published in literary journals, including the Whitefish Review and the West Marin Review. She looks forward to exploring both the Green and White Mountains this coming summer and deepening a personal and academic pursuit of nature writing.

Maisea Bailey is a second year MALS student concentrating in Cultural Studies. She holds a bachelor's degree in Art History, with a minor in Italian Studies. Maisea has held positions at the Peabody Essex Museum and with the New Hampshire Art Association. Maisea's research focuses on the social construction of art, the intersection between art and activism, and a critique of hegemonic stylistic definitions. She also serves as the Administrator for the MALS Program at Dartmouth.

Jacobus Bachmueller is from Dusseldorf, Germany. He received his BA in International Relations & Diplomacy from Schiller International University in Paris, France, where he served as Student Council President for two consecutive terms. He worked at the headquarters of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) during the general election in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2017. His main interests are German and European Politics as well as the role of Digital Disinformation in Western Democracies.

Digital Editor

Ellie Storck grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Connecticut College. After receiving her BA, she moved to Brooklyn where she served as an editorial assistant for Travel + Leisure magazine. Ellie is now finishing her second year of the MALS program as a creative writing concentration, and she freelance writes for a few travel publications. In her free time, she likes to be outside, run, listen to old music, cook, and talk to her friends about pretty much everything. She hopes to find a career that allows her to wed her love of travel, culture, the female experience and writing.

Alumni Editors

Kasey Storey is a second-year MALS student who is concentrating in creative writing. After growing up in Wyoming, she attended the University of Oregon where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in English. She enjoyed helping foster an appreciation for reading and writing at Dartmouth as the President of the Dartmouth Writers Society and as a teaching assistant for the Writing 2-3 Program. She graduated from the program in June of 2018, and continues to contribute to the Journal.

Teresa Lust is a Dartmouth MALS graduate. Her collection of culinary essays, Pass the Polenta, was published by Steerforth Press and issued in paperback by Ballantine. Her writing has appeared in Gastronomica, Alimentum, and The Annals of Botany of Oxford UP, among other publications. In addition to her work as a freelance writer and editor, she teaches Italian for the Rassias Center for World Languages at Dartmouth College.

Matt Zachowski is a long-time executive in the public relations industry. Based in Manhattan, Matt’s current firm focuses mostly on financial and technology clients. In prior years he had an eclectic career as a financial marketing executive at a leading commodity exchange, a precious metals analyst at a large brokerage house, an associate at the ACLU charged with developing policies on First Amendment issues, and an associate editor for Chief Executive magazine. Matt holds a journalism degree from New York University. He entered the MALS program at Dartmouth in 2016 as a part-time student concentrating in creative writing.

Faculty Advisor

Anna Minardi has been working at Dartmouth since 2001. As a senior lecturer in the French and Italian department she taught all level of Italian and served also as language course coordinator from 2007 until 2012. In 2014 she was invited to teach a course in the MALS program on methodology as it pertains to the writing process.

Associate Editors

Satya Kandala is currently pursuing the Creative Writing track in the MALS program. She is a journalist by profession and a writer by ambition. Before Dartmouth, she spent a few years in the newsrooms of Mumbai learning the importance of telling a story the right way. She hopes to bring this knowledge to her fiction and write stories that entertain and make a difference.

Hayden McNeil is pursuing the Creative Writing concentration within the Master of Arts Liberal Studies program at Dartmouth. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky and subsequently moved to Orlando, Detroit, and Boston for professional opportunities. He serves on the Graduate Student Council and works for the Collis Student Center.

Khang Vu comes from Hanoi, Vietnam. He earned his B.A. in History and Political Studies with distinction from Colby-Sawyer College in 2017. His research at Dartmouth focuses on the Korean peninsula and U.S. East Asia policy. He has published in several foreign policy magazines and is currently a Graduate Peer Tutor at the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. Khang is a first-year MALS student concentrating in Globalization Studies. His lifetime goal is to travel to both North and South Korea through the Demilitarized Zone. Khang enjoys reading books and discussing East Asian political events. He is also a loyal fan of K-pop and Korean movies.

Adella-Marie Cloutier is a first-year MALS student in the Creative Writing concentration. She grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Toronto, Ontario, after high school to attend university. After earning an Honours Bilingual Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, she continued to live and work in Toronto for three more years before moving back to the United States.

Assistant Editor

Tyne Freeman is a musician and first-year MALS student. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2017, and subsequently returned to pursue a master’s degree. Tyné enjoys songwriting, traveling, and studying the music of different cultures. She has released four independent records, and has toured in the U.S. and internationally. Her most recent album, Bridges, was a finalist in the 2018 Independent Music Awards. In MALS, Tyné intends to concentrate in Creative Writing.

Chris Helali is a political organizer, activist and graduate student in the MALS program with a concentration in cultural studies. Their research interests include the anthropology of religion, modern Greek history, political ideologies and the history of Twentieth Century revolutionary movements. Currently, they are conducting field work at an Orthodox Christian pilgrimage site in Greece.

Casey Carpenter is a first year MALS student from Westmont, Illinois. He recently completed a six year enlistment with the United States Air Force and he holds a BA in Philosophy and an MSc in International Humanitarian Affairs. He enjoys spirited political discourse, good literature, and the comforting torture of the writer’s dilemma whereby one hand always holds a fine word while the other searches aimlessly for the perfect one it desires. Casey looks forward to bringing these passions and his past experiences to the program.

Justin Garden is a pilot, activist, and student in the MALS program with a concentration in cultural studies. He is a graduate of Binghamton University, where he earned a B.A. in Arabic Studies and B.S. in Management. Justin currently works as a flight instructor in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Samantha Sobol is currently a second year MALS student on the Globalization Studies track. She completed her BA at The University of California, Santa Cruz with a major in Politics and minor in Sustainability Studies. She is interested in researching issues pertaining to environmental justice, political economy, and gender equity.

Nick Sammartino is a first year MALS student on the Globalization track who graduated from UNH in 2018 with a B.A. in history. He is planning to research the intersection of history and public policy in an effort to better understand the relationship between a nation’s drug policy and drug use in hopes to gain insight into potentially beneficial reforms. He has held internships with the Rhode Island Senate, worked various jobs as an automotive technician, guitar technician, baseball umpire, and farmhand. His interests include, but are not limited to: writing, politics, history, sports and music.

Cover Design

Ali Blumenthal is a Long Island native. She received a BA in Studio Art and Arts Management from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. She is the Assistant Sailing Coach for the Dartmouth Varsity Sailing Team and she has lived in Hanover since 2015. She started in the MALS program during the fall of 2016 and is working toward completing the creative writing track. When she is not writing or on the lake, Ali enjoys skiing, hiking, rock climbing and anything that gets her into the outdoors.


Thank you to Jennifer Cormack and Ali Blumenthal for sharing their photography in this issue of Clamantis.