Editorial Board

Amanda Gokee is a second year MALS student with a concentration in Creative Writing. She graduated from Harvard University in 2014 with a BA in Romance Language and Literature. Her work has been published in the LA Review of Books, Atlas Obscura, VTDigger and the Valley News among others.

Julia Ceraolo is a second year MALS student focusing in Creative Writing. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2015 with a BA in English and now works as the MALS Admissions Coordinator/Administrative Assistant.

Janina Misiewicz is a second year MALS student in the cultural studies track. Her current academic interests include philosophy, sociology, and economic theory, although she studied English, Spanish, and photography as an undergraduate student. Her master’s thesis explores the long history of the wellness and self-improvement industries, focusing on how one’s search for authenticity and simultaneous desire for social recognition have contributed to their success.

Aneeq Ejaz is a Fulbright scholar from Lahore, Pakistan, currently enrolled in the Cultural Studies concentration at MALS. His research deals with questions pertaining to the Muslim experience in South Asia, and focuses on forms of Islamic political mobilization and epistemic contestation on issues of faith, gender and tradition. He has previously served as a lecturer at Government College University (GCU) and contributed to publications as a writer and editor.

Digital Editors

Nick Sammartino, graduating from UNH in 2018 with a B.A. in History, is a second year MALS student on the Globalization track. He is currently researching the intersection of history and public policy in an effort to better understand the relationship between drug policy, drug use and related socioeconomic issues, in order to offer policy recommendations that address substance abuse, as well as criminal justice and prison reform. Currently working at the Tuck School of Business, Nick has also held internships with the Rhode Island Senate, worked as an automotive technician, guitar technician, baseball umpire, and farmhand. His interests include, but are not limited to: writing, politics, history, sports and music.

Janina Misiewicz

Alumni Editors

Matt Zachowski is a 2018 graduate of the MALS program at Dartmouth, where he concentrated in creative writing. He is a long-time executive in the public relations industry and is currently CEO of Lansons Intermarket, a firm that focuses on the financial and technology industries. In prior years he had an eclectic career as a marketing executive, a precious metals analyst and a staff associate charged with developing First Amendment policies for a leading civil liberties organization. He is currently a Board member of several not-for-profit organizations, including the Friends of Gorham’s Pond, a Darien, CT organization focused on conservation, where he serves as Treasurer. In addition to his master’s degree from Dartmouth, Matt also holds a degree in Journalism from New York University.

Teresa Lust is the author of A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures in Italy’s Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche, published by Pegasus Books. Her previous book, Pass the Polenta: and Other Writings from the Kitchen, was published by Steerforth Press. She is a graduate of Washington State University and holds a master's degree from Dartmouth College. Lust currently teaches Italian for the Rassias Center for World Languages at Dartmouth and teaches cooking classes. She lives in New Hampshire.

Maisea Bailey* is a recent graduate of Dartmouth's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program where she received the 2020 Byam Shaw-Brownstone Thesis Excellence Award in Cultural Studies for her master's thesis titled The Visual Activation of the American Left's Progressive Fantasy Post 2016. Maisea's research focuses on the intersection of social movements and activist art while investigating the cultural frameworks that inform and regulate the implementation of social change. She recently moved to Seattle, WA where she is pursuing work that supports social advocacy through cultural engagement, with emphasis on closing opportunity gaps in society.

Faculty Advisor

Anna Minardi has been working at Dartmouth since 2001. A senior lecturer in the French and Italian department, she served as language course coordinator while teaching Italian at all levels. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and completed her MALS degree in 2010 with a thesis in creative writing. In 2014 she was invited to join the MALS program to teach a course on methodology as it pertains to the writing process and joined the Clamantis team. In Winter 2020 she started co-teaching a course entitled “Writing Nature: Reflections from Within and Without,” which gave her an opportunity to explore with students one of her lifelong interests, the intersection of the sciences and humanities.

Associate Editors

Amanda Skinner is a part-time, second-year student in the Creative Writing track of MALS. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations and Spanish from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and serves as the Asst. Director for Outreach and Communications in the Guarini School at Dartmouth. Born in South Africa, she has lived half her life in Scotland and the other half, so far, everywhere else. Amanda currently lives with her family in Vermont.

Isadora Italia is pursuing a MALS degree in Culture Studies while working at the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth. She graduated from Yale University in 2014 with a double major in History of Art and Italian.

Eric Matthew Fantauzzi is a first-year Creative Writing student in the MALS program. He joined Clamantis in Spring 2020 and is grateful for how it's enriched his time at Dartmouth. He enjoys meditating, writing poetry and cooking in his spare time.

Pierce Ellinwood is in the MALS program with a concentration in General Liberal Studies. Originally from Concord, New Hampshire, he graduated from DePauw University with his BA in English and Media Studies in 2015. After college, he began his career as a high school English teacher, which he plans to return to after his completion of MALS. In his thesis work, he is researching ways to reimagine secondary school humanities curricula to better represent student populations and foster interdisciplinary critical thinking. He lives in Hanover with his dog, Kingsley, and loves to ski, run, and hike.

Assistant Editors

Vibhustuti Thapa recently graduated from the MALS program. At Dartmouth, she concentrated on Globalization Studies and her thesis focused on freshwater issues, urban development, and globalization in least developed countries. Tuti completed her BA in Psychology in 2015. She rediscovered her appreciation for writing at Dartmouth and is continuing to explore it as a post-graduate.

Taqdees Mahmood Mela is a first year MALS student from Lahore, Pakistan. She was working as an Assistant Editor in a reputable newspaper in her home country and has been published on issues related to human rights and gender.

Joseph Q. Martinelli, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and African Studies from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University, Washington DC. He is a retired Colonel, a former Green Beret and Military Attache, having served in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Central Asia. Dr. Martinelli is currently an assistant editor on the Dartmouth Oral History Reader and a former editor on his university newspaper and yearbook as well as a disc jockey for his university radio station. He is a full-time graduate student in the MALS general studies program and a visiting professor of African Peacekeeping for the University of Oklahoma.

Isaiah K. Diaz-Mays


Ali Abdolsalehi, who goes by Al Salehi, is currently a MALS student graduating in Spring 2021 with a concentration in creative writing (poetry). He was recently elected graduate student representative for MALS to the Guarini School Council. His hobbies include making people laugh and playing the electric violin. He is working on a poetry manuscript titled “Emily Dickinson in the 21st-century Black Lives Matter!” with Ivy Schweitzer, Professor of English and Creative Writing. This poem is part of a collection called Enter Atlas, which was selected as a semi-finalist by Natasha Trethewey for the University of Wisconsin’s Brittingham & Felix Pollak Prizes in Poetry.

Tim Fish who goes by his pen name Tim Fish, is a MALS creative writing student and an employee of the College who writes and draws comic books on the side. Tim’s short stories have been published by Marvel, Vertigo, Fantagraphics, Oni Press, and more. He co-created the original graphic novel Liebestrasse for Comixology Originals, which has been nominated for a 2020 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book and the Tripwire Award for Best Original Graphic Novel. www.timfishworks.com

Andrea Marion holds a B.A. in French Literature from SUNY Albany, with credits from the Middlebury Language Program and study and work experience in France. She was a Vermont marketing manager until 2005, when she became a yoga and mindfulness teacher and studio owner. She is currently a MALS student, creative writing concentration, class of 2024.

Briana Williams is a first-year MALS student in the creative writing concentration. After graduation, she hopes to make a career out of writing and sharing her work with others. Briana began writing standup comedy at a young age, influenced mainly by her grandfather whose laughter was for her a source of pure joy. Her writing later branched out into different genres, leading to stories like "The Perfect Puff" which is also heavily influenced by her late grandfather.

Caroline King is currently completing her master’s fellowship in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College as she finishes her master’s in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. In Spring 2018, she graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Writing Seminars, Psychology, and Spanish. She is also the co-founder and editor of The Napkin Poetry Review. Her poem “Dasein” won the 2018 Cafe Writers Poetry Competition and her recent works have appeared in Southwest Review, The Rational Creature, The Purple Breakfast Review, and STAAR, with an essay forthcoming in South Central Review through the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Meghan Kelleher is a fiction writer, poet, musician, and educator. She studied English and Education at Boston College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Creative Writing at Dartmouth College. She is the lead singer and songwriter of the Boston-based indie rock band Divine Sweater. She also teaches high school English at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA.

P.F. White is an aspiring novelist who has published more than a dozen short-stories. He currently works and studies at Dartmouth College, is happily married, and has an elderly black cat.

Sarah Koppelkam is an educator living and teaching in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Dartmouth College.

Cover Design

Janina Misiewicz designed the cover for the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of Clamantis.

Editors with an asterisk next to their name are also contributing authors to this edition.