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Jasmine Shirey Jasmine joined MALS with a cultural studies concentration in 2021. They have worked as a TA for Dartmouth’s Writing 2-3 courses (2021-2024), a course on German fairytales (2022), Don Pease’s Modern American Drama course (2022-2023), and a critical writing workshop seminar in Dartmouth’s Comparative Literature MA program. Their research lies at the crossroads between queer theory, collective memory, and ‘developmentalism’ as it relates to US imperialism.

Editorial Board Members

Chennelle Channer Chennelle Channer is a graduate student at Dartmouth College in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program, with a concentration in creative writing. She is interested in written work around themes such as immigration, language, womanhood, and familial structures. Originally from Jamaica, she considers herself an island girl at heart and is still getting used to the New England weather. When she is not writing you can find her walking a path at Quechee Gorge and maybe taking a quick dip in the water if it's not too cold.

Lilabeth Martchenke The one, the only, The Lilabeth is a MALS student currently working on their thesis project, a series of short stories heavily inspired from and drawing from Celtic Mythology. They are an aspiring Urban Fantasy novelist and a renowned (not really) Game Master for several homebrew ttrpg games set in a wild world and setting of their own design and making. They have served on the Clamantis Editorial Board for a couple of editions now, and after Dartmouth they plan to continue spreading enjoyment and entertainment throughout their communities.

Sanyukta Shiv Kumar Sanyukta Shiv Kumar is a graduate student at Dartmouth College who writes creative short fiction and poetry, primarily about social issues. She did her Bachelor of Arts (Research) from Shiv Nadar University, India. While there, her pieces got published in various publications and websites. She hopes that her pieces guide the readers to take an empathetic approach to people and their issues. In her free time, she reads books, knits, and watches K-Dramas.

Vibha Vasanth Vibha is a creative writing student in the MALS program. She likes to write comedic stories, typically for children and young adults, often with a fantastical bent. When she isn’t reading or writing, Vibha can be found baking a newfound recipe in her kitchen or looking for the nearest cat willing to befriend her.

Faculty Advisor

Anna Minardi Anna Minardi has been working at Dartmouth since 2001. A senior lecturer in the French and Italian department, she served as language course coordinator while teaching Italian at all levels. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and completed her MALS degree in 2010 with a thesis in Creative Writing. In 2014 she was invited to join the MALS program to teach a course on methodology as it pertains to the writing process and joined the Clamantis team. In Winter 2020 she started co-teaching a course entitled “Writing Nature: Reflections from Within and Without,” which gave her an opportunity to explore with students one of her lifelong interests, the intersection of the sciences and humanities.

Associate Editors

Erin E. Bennett Erin E. Bennett is a current MALS student with a focus in creative writing. Her work includes poetry, short fiction and scriptwriting, as well as illustration. By day she is the administrative assistant in the Leslie Center for the Humanities at Dartmouth, and by night she can be found performing in many a local theater production, often with BarnArts Center for the Arts. She currently resides with her husband and house plants in Wilder, Vermont.

Daryna Gladun Daryna Gladun is an award-winning poet, conceptual artist and translator from Ukraine. She writes in Ukrainian and English. Her poems have been translated into 27 world languages. She is the author of five poetry collections and numerous artworks exhibited all over Europe. Daryna participated in International Literary and Art Festivals, Art Residences, Fellowship and Scholarship Programs in Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA. Daryna Gladun currently is a second year MALS student (Creative Writing concentration).

Stephen Marchand Stephen Marchand Fernández was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. He studied Spanish Philology at UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia) and in 2013 moved to the United States, where he has been working as a Spanish and French teacher at Groton School, Massachusetts. In 2022, he published his first book of poems, “Hacerse cuerpo,” with Open Art. He is currently a MALS student at Dartmouth College.

Vivian Milan Vivian Milan is a grad student in the MALS program from Easton, PA. She graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia with a B.A. in English and minors in music and journalism. Her favorite form of writing is creative nonfiction, but she loves to read poetry, short stories, the news, and memoirs. In addition to Clamantis, Vivian was the Co-Chair for the Graduate Student Council's CARE (Committee for Addressing Racism and Equity). Her writing inspirations include James Baldwin, Lemony Snicket, Ray Bradbury, Sandra Cisneros, and Mindy Kaling.

Sarayah Villasenor Sarayah Villasenor is a MALS student studying creative writing. When she’s not writing about the intricacies of Celtic fairies or cannibalism, she’s spending time with her cats: Misty Day and Piper Hallowell. On the rare occasions she goes outside, she likes to sit in the park and read or journal.

Mackintosh Willingham Mackintosh Willingham is a writer, playwright and illustrator currently based in Burlington, Vermont. He writes for the stage, screen, as well as works of prose, in both long and short form. He has spent time writing in Stowe, Provincetown and on Martha’s Vineyard, chasing the coattails of other tortured artists he admires; Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill and Kurt Vonnegut to name a few. Mack has also acted professionally, on stage and commercial television, and is classically trained in the techniques of Meisner, Adler, and the Avner Eisenberg school of clowning. He is currently studying creative writing as a graduate student at Dartmouth College. When he is not busy writing or doodling in the margins, you can find him skiing like a madman, climbing at high-altitude or floating around in his Old Town canoe.

Assistant Editors

Kate Barlow Kate Barlow is a graduate student in the MALS program with a concentration in Creative Writing. Kate has worked at Dartmouth for over ten years and currently manages donor engagement and stewardship with the Dartmouth College Fund. She is delighted to finally be taking classes and looks forward to continuing to learn and grow as a writer. Outside of work and class, Kate lives with her family in Vermont, managing a somewhat chaotic schedule for her two teenagers, a very social husband, and an energetic dog.

E. Chandlee Bryan E. Chandlee Bryan, M.Ed. works in Career Services at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine. Chandlee enjoys researching and writing family history, knitting and collaboration with colleagues on the Dartmouth Chronic Health Improvement Research team.

Jacob Campbell Jacob Campbell is a MALS student from New York City with a creative writing concentration.

Arina Petrova Arina Petrova is a third-year MALS student. Having her bachelor’s degree and career in economics, she recognized how finance contributes to the development of society. Motherhood developed her worldly wisdom and emotional intelligence. The diverse environment of MALS expanded her intellectual horizons and humanistic understanding of society.

Andrée Solé Andrée Solé is a current student of the Dartmouth Master of Liberal Arts in the Creative Writing concentration. She has a Bachelor of Speech Therapy from The University of Queensland (Australia) and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School (Australia). She is re-imagining well known fairy tales as plays for her thesis.

Nida Zehra Nida Zehra is a second-year MALS student in the Cultural Studies track. She hails from Karachi, Pakistan and has a BSc with Honours degree in Social Development and Policy and a minor in Comparative Literature from Habib University, Karachi. Nida worked as a journalist and later as a content developer in the communications department of her alma mater before joining the MALS program. She enjoys reading fiction, nonfiction, and critical essays, and hopes to start a cultural magazine of her own someday.

Alumni Editors

Maria Iriondo Maria Iriondo completed her MALS degree in 2023 with a concentration in creative writing. She received the MALS Byam Shaw-Brownstone Thesis Award for Farewell to Franco, a short story collection set at the end of a poignant chapter in Spain's modern history. She’s the managing editor of a bilingual, yachting and lifestyle publication and a podcast and television producer. Currently, María is working on a short story collection set in Portugal around the time of the Carnation Revolution of 1974.

Teresa Lust Teresa Lust is the author of A Blissful Feast, Culinary Adventures in Italy’s Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche, published by Pegasus Books. Her previous book, Pass the Polenta: and Other Writings from the Kitchen, was published by Steerforth Press. She holds a master's degree from Dartmouth College and currently teaches Italian for the Rassias Center for World Languages at Dartmouth.

Lee Mayes P.F. White is the pen name of a humanoid biped called Lee Mayes. This rather odd creature somehow found himself in a variety of unlikely situations including: graduating from the University of Saint Joseph in Macau China, publishing a wide variety of short stories in more than a dozen publications, and getting married to a human female. This beast attended the MALS program at Dartmouth College. He has, as of yet, eaten no one.

Timothy Poisson Tim Fish is the pen name of MALS creative writing alum Timothy Poisson, an employee of the College who writes and draws comic books on the side. Tim’s short stories have been published by Marvel, Vertigo, Fantagraphics, Oni Press, and more. He co-created the original graphic novel Liebestrasse for Comixology Originals, which was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book and the Tripwire Award for Best Original Graphic Novel. timfishworks.com

Mariejoy San Buenaventura Mariejoy San Buenaventura teaches literature & creative writing at Mahidol University International College in Thailand. Her work has been published in Literary Imagination and in the anthologies Family Matters by Nivasini Press, among a few others.

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Lee Mayes See under ‘Alumni Editors.’


Priscilla Agbeo Priscilla Agbeo is a writer from Ghana and Chicago. She received her BA in African and African American Studies and Global Studies from Stanford University. Priscilla is currently enrolled in the MALS program with a concentration in Creative Writing at Dartmouth College.

Kate Barlow See under ‘Assistant Editors.’

Erin E. Bennett See under ‘Associate Editors.’

Anna Boarini Anna Boarini graduated from the MALS program in 2017. She lives in Boston and is currently at work on her first book.

E. Chandlee Bryan See under ‘Assistant Editors.’

Mariejoy San Buenaventura See under ‘Alumni Editors.’

Charles Butler Charles Butler is a high school teacher at Vermont Academy in Saxtons River. He teaches US History to 9th graders up to post-graduates. He is also a strength and conditioning coach and a prep basketball coach. He is originally from the Bronx where he lived for 20 years before moving to New England. As a summer-only student, he will enter his final term of MALS next Summer 2024. His passion for writing was born in the last 2-3 years through the creative writing track offered at Dartmouth, despite his background and interest in History. He plans to become a well-known author in fiction and non-fiction one day.

Alicia Carter Alicia Carter is a second year MALS student in cultural studies with interests in film studies and Africana studies. During the regular academic year, she teaches French at a private school in central New Hampshire.

Stephen Marchand Fernández See under ‘Associate Editors.’

Emmett Frank Emmett Frank is a Creative Writing student in the MALS program at Dartmouth College. Emmett enjoys indulging in the little moments that often go unnoticed in day-to-day life while exploring the profundity in the mundane.

Christopher J. Helali Christopher J. Helali is currently a graduate student in the MALS program with a concentration in cultural studies. His interests include Marxism; history of 20th century communism; nationalism; the history of the Balkans, Southwest Asia, and North Africa; Islamic history with a focus on Shia Islam; Eastern Orthodox Christianity; and anthropology of religion with a focus on the rituals of death and grief.

Erin Kelly Erin Kelly is a first year MALS student with a cultural studies concentration. She is a wedding, landscape and portrait photographer.

Lilabeth Martchenke See under ‘Editorial Board Members.’

Dylan Mitchell Dylan is primarily a historical fiction writer, but upon taking several poetry classes during his tenure as a college student, including most recently with Professor Rena Mosteirin, he has developed a love for poetry as well.

Lethokuhle Msimang Lethokuhle Msimang was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She graduated with a BA Literary Studies and Creative Arts from the American University of Paris and an MA Creative Writing from Rhodes University. Her poems have appeared in New Coin, Grocott’s Mail, Hanging Loose, The Paris/Atlantic and Stanzas, and Il Tolomeo (Edition Ca’Foscari, Venice, 2022) amongst others. She is the author of Hubris, a collection of poems. The Frightened is her first novella.

Arina Petrova See under ‘Assistant Editors.’

Nicolas Rago Nic Rago has a short story in Italian Americana called “What the Old Say”, a surreal travel story about a boy who has lost his name. Beside writing, Nicolas went to UC Davis and then lived in San Francisco, where he was an instructional aid at a behavioral-focused special education high school.

Behishta Sadaat Behishta Sadaat is a second year MALS student with a Cultural Studies/Medical Humanities concentration. She is from Kabul, Afghanistan, with a public health and policy making background. She has been a Humans rights and women’s activist. She was recognized as the “Best Performer in Women’s Rights” by Asia awards in 2020-2021. Currently, she works at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Sanyukta Shiv Kumar See under ‘Editorial Board Members.’

Kyle Singh Kyle is a MALS student working on Philosophy of Physics. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is originally from New York.

Paul H. Spiers Paul H. Spiers is a current Masters of Liberal Studies student at Dartmouth College.

Greyson Thomas Greyson Thomas is an aspiring author who likes boxing. Greyson likes Mexican food more, though. Booklyn, NY.

Vibha Vasanth See under ‘Editorial Board Members.’

Sarayah Villasenor See under ‘Associate Editors.’

Phoenix Guqing Wang Phoenix Guqing Wang (she/her) comes from an island in Shanghai, China. She is currently an MA student in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth. Her research lies at the intersections of the long 19th-century American and transatlantic literature, environmental humanities, and Gothic and Horror studies. In creative writing, she is especially interested in exploring how forms of the Gothic—ghostliness, monstrosity, and other supernatural traits—navigate trans-corporeal experiences and speak to Anthropocene issues.

James Washington, Jr. James Washington lives in Hanover, NH with his wife, MaryLu. His concentration in MALS is creative writing with a focus on poetry.

Dennis Webster Dennis Webster is a first year PhD student in the Geography department. He is from Johannesburg, South Africa, where his poetry has been published in a number of journals.

Stu Wilson Stu Wilson is a fourth-year, summers-only MALS student pursuing a Creative Writing concentration. During the academic year, he works as a high school English teacher in Marion, Massachusetts with his wife, Molly, who is also a MALS student.