Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now closed.

The deadline for Spring submissions was Friday, February 23rd, 2024. The fall deadline will be posted soon. To submit your work to the journal, please send your files to the.mals.journal@dartmouth.edu.

General Submission Rules

The journal is open to submissions from MALS students, MALS alumnae and current Guarini graduate students. The submission guidelines can be found below:

  • File format: All written work must be submitted in MS Word format. For photography and digital artwork, please use the .jpeg image file format with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

  • Bio: When submitting your piece, please also send in a brief (2-3 lines) biographical note in a separate MS Word document.

  • Page Limits: The length of written submissions varies based on genre. Critical and research papers are limited to 20 pages double-spaced, creative prose is limited to 15 pages double-spaced, and poetry/art submissions are limited to three submissions (not to exceed 10 pages total). No more than two works by the same author/artist will be published in a single edition of the journal. We are open to considering an excerpt from a larger work as long as it functions as a stand-alone piece and fits into the stated word limits.

  • Formatting: Clamantis uses the Notes-Bibliography (NB) system of the Chicago Manual of Style for citations and references. Authors may choose to initially submit their piece in a different citation format, but if their piece is accepted for publication they will be asked to rework their manuscript in light of the Chicago style guidelines.

  • Copyrights: Authors who have published with Clamantis retain the right to publish that piece elsewhere. However, once a work becomes part of a Clamantis edition, the MALS Journal Editorial Team maintains the right to publish that work indefinitely, in both digital and print forms.